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*All times are listed in Central Time (USA). When selecting your lesson, choose your location for the correct time. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

frequently asked questions

Can children come to class?

Although we love to see young ones develop a deep passion for dance, our classes are designed for adults only. Please make sure that someone can help watch your little ones during your lessons and to have them engaged during your lessons, to reduce interruptions to a minimum. If emergencies arise, it’s totally fine to leave the class early or to step away momentarily; we’ll give you some guidance on how to navigate the software to avoid distractions for other dancers.

How do I set up the class?

We have a full set of instructions to help dancers and teachers log into their class and enjoy it smoothly. If you need help, please visit or Technical Set-Up section. We also set aside the first 15 minutes of every session to address any issues. Please keep in mind that our appointment and reminder systems rely heavily on email communication, so make sure to have the best email address on file for the best possible experience.

What should I wear to class?

There is no strict dress code for any BFW class. However, we please ask students to wear clothing that is:


  • Comfortable and that allows you to move freely.
  • Makes you feel comfortable in your skin, never self-conscious (this is an environment to grow; never to retract).
  • Modest and not overly revealing to create a comfortable environment for everyone.


For Ballet Class (all levels): Leotards and tights are welcome but not required. Some students feel more comfortable wearing regular workout clothes and that’s perfectly fine. Ballet shoes (flat leather or canvas slippers) are highly encouraged, but can also opt for socks or bare feet, whatever suits your flooring situation better. If you need a leotard or tights, feel free to peruse our Dancewear section; for ballet slippers, check out the Shoes section of the BFW Shop.


For Fitness and Pilates Classes: Students typically wear activewear bottoms (e.g. yoga leggings or sweatpants) and a comfortable tank or t-shirt. It is not required to wear yoga socks or slippers of any kind, but you are welcome to use whatever footwear is most comfortable for you. If you are not sure what to wear, find support HERE

Can I talk to the instructor?

Sure. In the first 15 minutes of the session, students can get situated, test their audio and video, and gather materials. That’s a great time to introduce yourself to your instructor. There will also be a 15-minute period after the class to ask questions, share your feedback with your teacher, and meet with other students. This is a very special time where we can exchange information and plan for the next class. Let’s make it fun and very positive. Please note that, unless otherwise noted, microphones must remain MUTED during class. There will be prompts for questions by the teacher at the appropriate times.

Is there a Senior Discount?

All students 65+ receive 50% on all drop-in (group) classes and memberships. Email us to request your discount code.

Is the camera required?

For the safety of our teachers and to maintain the integrity of the learning environment, we require that all cameras are on and microphones are muted during the session. Remember that as would be the case inside the studio, your teacher can’t correct what she can’t see. Meanwhile, we want to create a safe environment for teachers by letting them know who is watching the session at all times. Clear guidelines are provided for all students regarding Zoom etiquette. Please note that teachers have the right, without obligation to provide refunds, to refuse services to students who refuse to comply with the camera instructions or are too distracting to conduct the class in an orderly manner.

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