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Although circumstances may change beyond our control, our team works hard to develop clear guidelines for teachers, dancers, and our community to promote positivity and fairness across our ecosystem. Please review our class, class passes, and content policies and guidelines. Remember that these are subject to change, in which case we will update all BFW community members.

Class Code of Conduct

  • Student Conduct:
    • All participants are required to use their full name as appears on the class registration confirmation email in order to gain access to the class. Renaming yourself after gaining access is not allowed, and the teacher reserves the right to remove any person that does not follow this requirement. Find more information HERE.
    • There is no strict dress code, but students may be dismissed from class (without a right to refund) for exhibiting inadequate attire, offensive shirts, or nudity.
    • For the safety of our teachers and to maintain the integrity of the learning environment, we require that all cameras are on and microphones are muted during the session. Remember that as would be the case inside the studio, your teacher can’t correct what she can’t see. Meanwhile, we want to create a safe environment for teachers by letting them know who is watching the session at all times. Clear guidelines are provided for all students regarding Zoom etiquette. Please note that teachers have the right, without obligation to provide refunds, to refuse services to students who refuse to comply with the camera instructions or are too distracting to conduct the class in an orderly manner.
    • Unless otherwise noted, microphones must remain MUTED during class. There will be prompts for questions by the teacher at the appropriate times.
    • Our teacher reserve the right to eject from the session any student who uses profanity or any type of hate speech during class, makes excessive noise, or is otherwise overly disruptive.


  • Distraction-Free Environment:
    • The environment for learning must be suitable and distraction-free for other students in the class. Please refrain from applying Zoom backgrounds and having distracting elements in your dance or fitness space.
    • Mute your microphone for the duration of the class.
    • Please make sure that pets, children, deliveries, and other electronic devices are taken care of, so as to not create distractions for your session. Children, pets, and other guests should not be in class (just as it were the case of a studio).


  • Class Flow and Schedule:
    • Punctuality is of the utmost importance.
    • Registration will be open up to 60 minutes before the class starts.
    • The session lasts 90 minutes and consists of:
      • 15-minute portion for testing, meet and greet, and more. This is the assigned time to get situated, test your audio and video, and gather materials. Class starts at the appointed hour, at which time the instructor will not be able to assist with technical difficulties.
      • A 60-minute immersive session with a warm-up and cool-down included, so it is not necessary to do those on your own.
      • Optional 15-minute post-class session to share your feedback with your teacher and meet with other students. This is a very special time where we can exchange ideas and plan for the next class. Let’s make it fun and very positive.
    • If your teacher is experiencing any technical difficulty (you can’t hear her, you can’t see her or the connection is shaky) please notify her immediately. If the problem persists, please contact us.
    • If the teacher is absent, please contact us immediately to provide a refund or reschedule your class.
    • Student No-Shows are not refundable or eligible for rescheduling or credit. For more information, please review our Cancellation Policies tab.

Privacy on Zoom

  • Please note that all BFW Classes via Zoom are recorded by BFW to ensure the quality of the lesson and the safety of all participants. Much like the security cameras in an in-person studio, to have a video recording of the session is the only way we can investigate any incident, examine all claims, measure the teacher’s performance and address any areas of opportunity in our class experience. Video archives help us to examine student adherence to the Code of Conduct, to monitor any inadequate teacher interactions, and work out technical hiccups in our platform.
  • However, these recordings will NEVER be made public or used for any type of dissemination without the express written consent of BFW and all participants of the class.
  • Video recordings are saved for 30 days after the end of the session and are then automatically deleted. Therefore, we can only honor requests for incidents and other investigations during this period. Recordings are only accessed on an as-needed basis by BFW staff and teachers do not retain access to the recordings. Teachers are also not allowed to share any part of the session without the express written consent of BFW and all participants involved.
  • It is prohibited for students to record any part of the class.
  • For more information on how we use the information we collect at BFW, please review our Privacy Policy. If you have additional questions, please let us know.

Payments, Credits and Refunds

  • Payment for all classes, class passes, and private sessions is due at the time of reservation or sign up.
  • Payment for Private, Semi-Private, Specialty, or A-La-Carte Sessions are subject to a $25 non-refundable booking fee.
  • Drop-In Classes or Private Classes are not transferrable and subject to a 24-Hour Cancellation. BFW will issue credits with an option to reschedule in the next 30 days for canceled classes (cancellations within less than 24 hours of class start or no-Shows are not eligible for refunds, credits, or rescheduling).
  • 10-Class Passes, 20-Class Passes, and Monthly Class Passes are not transferable and non-refundable.
  • 10-Class Passes and 20-Class Passes cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.
  • In case BFW is unable to provide a service as scheduled, you will be entitled to a refund. Refunds to your credit card will be issued within 48 hours of approval of your request and – depending on your bank – can take up to 5 business days to reflect in your bank account.
  • Note that some coupon codes may be user-specific and may not work for other BFW accounts.
  • For other inquiries, please contact us.

Class Cancellation Policy

  • Drop-In Classes: All Drop-In Classes are subject to our 24-hour cancellation policy, under which dancers will be entitled to a class credit. Cancellations made within less than 24 hours before the start of class are not eligible for a class credit.
  • Special Classes: This includes Private, Semi-Private, A-La-Carte, and specialized classes (including Reformer, Senior, Nutrition, Wellness Coaching, and Advanced Courses). Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the appointed time. A non-refundable booking fee of $25 will apply to any Special Class reservations. Group reservations are payable at the time of booking and limited to the number of participants specified at the time of booking.
  • For all classes: ‘No-shows’ automatically forfeit the cost of the class and/or value of gift certificates, coupons, special promotions or Class Pass punches.
  • Teacher Cancellation: If the teacher needs to cancel a lesson, BFW will contact all students immediately to make arrangements, which can include rescheduling, credit, or refunds, as per your request.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.

10-Class Passes + 20-Class Passes Terms

  • 10-Class Passes and 20-Class Passes are only valid for Group Drop-In Classes (not valid for Private, Semi-Private, or Specialty Classes) and can be used in any combination of classes in this category.
  • Credits for 10-Class Passes and 20-Class Passes class passes are NOT transferable and cannot be shared. Violation of this policy could result in the cancellation of your Class Pass without a right to a refund.
  • 10-Class Passes and 20-Class Passes are valid for 6 months after purchase. To redeem your classes, simply register through the website using your unique credentials, and classes will be automatically deducted from your class balance.
  • 10-Class Passes and 20-Class Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable, and any unused portion will be forfeited after the time of validity.
  • If you feel that there is a mistake with your 10-Class Pass or 20-Class Pass, please contact us.

Monthly Class Pass Terms

  • A Monthly Class Pass is a fantastic way to explore all classes at your convenience, meet different teachers, and get the best value for drop-in classes. Make sure to view our FULL SCHEDULE to make sure that the classes and schedules are suitable for your schedule and needs, as fees are not refundable.
  • Monthly Class Passes cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, or promo codes.
  • Keep in mind that the Monthly Class Pass is valid for 1 calendar month and only includes Drop-In Group Classes. Special Classes (Private, Semi-Private, Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, Reformer) are NOT included in the Monthly Class Pass.
  • Monthly Class Passes are NOT transferable and cannot be shared. Violation of this policy could result in the cancellation of your Monthly Class Pass without a right to a refund.
  • Payment is required for sign-up and is NOT refundable or non-transferable.
  • The Monthly Class Passes commences on the date of sign up (starting when you receive your custom code).
  • Ballet For Women reserves the right to terminate any Monthly Class Pass at any time.

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