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Ballet for Women offers virtual classes, workouts and group experiences, as well as pre-recorded lessons, all for women at all levels. Discover the joy of dance, reach your fitness goals, and benefit from community support with expert instructors and new fellow dancers. Join us!

class topics

classical ballet

Learn ballet technique, vocabulary, and choreography (at or off the barre), with lessons specifically tailored to your level of fitness, abilities, and goals. From absolute beginner to advanced (including some pointe work), our ballet teachers address a wide range of technical and musical facets that will make you fall in love with ballet.

ballet fitness

Ballet Fitness is an excellent alternative for students who want to incorporate cardio exercises to their routine, lose weight, or build strength outside of the routines performed during ballet class. The barre or cardio exercises can be performed in any room and to your preferred level of intensity. As a result, you’ll achieve a more sculpted, lean, and strong physique.


Ballet For Women encourages students to explore awareness, precision, and beauty of movement through the discipline of Pilates, helping them achieve strength, stability, and flexibility needed to exceed on and of the dance stage. Pilates also helps explore the intricacies of proper breathwork and focus through beautiful exercises.

class types

group classes

Enjoy dance, beautiful music, and community at one of our drop-in classes, series, or workshops, led by expert instructors, from the comfort of your home. Our virtual classes are approachable, but still an excellent alternative to connect with other dancers and develop your skills and passion for ballet.

special programs

Aside from our drop-in classes, we offer themed programs and workshops, designed to highlight some of our favorite cross training formats and help you reach specific goals, designed as part of 4-week series or other programmed group sessions. Each special program has its own schedule and materials for learning.

private classes

Dancers at any level are encouraged to take individual lessons with one of our instructors, to perfect technique, voice individual goals, concerns, and expectations. If you are an absolute beginner, it’s a wonderful feeling to have the undivided attention of your instructor on your first class, so treat yourself.

join the bfw community

Ballet for Women has created a new space for our dancers to connect, share tips, meetup for class, and more. Share your goals, dreams, challenges, opportunities, and inspiration with our community through our Facebook Group called Ballet for Women. Also remember to follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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