Egyptian Rosette Openwork Station Bracelet with Onyx Beads from The Met Museum


A piece to wear day or night, our delicate bracelet celebrates a floral form from ancient Egypt. The bracelet’s airy openwork flowers in 18K gold plate alternate on the chain with chic black onyx beads-for a sleek, contemporary look. Wear it on its own as a reflection of your bold style. Or mix and match however you’d like with our other Egyptian Rosette pieces, which are designed to be layered. This pretty bracelet echoes the design of two ancient Egyptian beads in The Met collection. Shaped like blossoms, the beads were fashioned in faience during Dynasty 18 of the New Kingdom, about 1390-1353 B.C. Faience’s color and shine, features that were closely tied to the gift of life, contributed to an object’s magical properties.

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