BLOCH Alpha Pointe Shoes Pink Satin


Alpha has a conventional 3/4 outsole and caters to most foot shapes. Highly specialised pointe shoe which should only be worn by dancers with strong leg and foot muscles who have the strength to go onto pointe with minimal support. This shoe is best suited to advanced students and professionals with strong leg and foot muscular development. A unique ¾ outsole provides minimal resistance under the instep past the break point and allows ultimate articulation The last is a conventional shape and suits a majority of foot shapes The shank has been pre-prepared for cutting to desired length – we recommend leaving the soft leather board for arch comfort With less resistance from the shank past the break point the dancer will feel well supported and uplifted when en pointe The ⅔ cut down outsole emphasises the point of contact under the instep for optimal foot articulation The long vamp supports the foot by preventing it from overarching The platform is both wide and high to allow maximum balance and stability when en pointe The sides of the upper are cut low and the heel contoured B Paste is used to enable the shoe to mold quickly to the shape of the foot as well as facilitating foot articulation Deep U-shaped vamp supports the foot by preventing it from overarching Cotton drawstring Noise reduction under the pleats Notes Ribbons and elastic sold separately

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