BLOCH Sonata Pointe Shoes Pink Satin


The Sonata Pointe Shoe is designed for students and professionals with flexible arches and it’s features combine to stabilise the foot en pointe. The Sonata has an unsecured heel and – with the design of the shank – works together to support and align the foot en pointe. With less resistance from the shank past the break point the dancer will feel well supported and uplifted when en pointe. A soft sponge cushion insert is inside the box at the platform which gives extra comfort and protection when standing en pointe acting as a shock absorber Complete with removable internal gel toe cushions For the dancer with very flexible arches Sonata actively supports the foot under the metatarsals while still allowing the foot to arch at the 3⁄4 mark Wide rounded platform Medium U-shaped vamp and high-cut sides give support Full-length medium strength shank is partially detached from the shoe past the break point which gives less resistance while remaining supportive Noise reduction under the pleats Heel has a snug narrow fit A paste Cotton drawstring Removable internal gel toe cushions Notes Ribbons and elastic sold separately

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