Convertible Cadillac-Reformer


Discover all the advantages of a Pilates Cadillac and a Pilates Reformer together in one apparatus, providing full functionality for both in a gorgeous, handcrafted design made of American rock maple and stainless steel. The full-trapeze Cadillac converts safely and easily to a studio reformer and back. The compact size of this convertible reformer makes it perfect for Pilates home-studios and rooms where space is limited. The ideal device for rehabilitation and studios who want the most complete Pilates apparatus for private lessons. Features twin drop-in mats for Reformer to Cadillac bed conversion that are easy for one person to handle. Push-through bar in anodized aluminum can be assembled as 3-slider bar. Adjustable to 3 heights. Push-through bar with safety strap. Padded trapeze bar with spring collars and springs. Trapeze springs with snaps: 2 yellow (very light), 2 green (medium), 2 red (heavy). Long springs: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 green (medium). Solid roll-down bar. One pair of fuzzies, Single loops (1 pair), Stability sling (2 pieces) and Foot straps (2 pairs) Padded foot bar.

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