Dream Pointe 2007 Pointe Shoes by Nikolay Grishko


Nikolay Grishko’s Made in Russia products are specially engineered by gifted cobblers and carefully inspected by quality control specialists, ensuring that only the highest of quality makes it to your doorstep and into your studios. With Nikolay products, you’ll receive long-lasting construction, innovative designs, and the constant strive for greatness that only Nikolay can offer. The Dream Pointe 2007 is one of Nikolay’s most innovative designs. Based on top-selling designs, the Dream Pointe 2007 features a beautiful satin upper, longer flexible supportive wings, a wider fore sole for ideal balance and noise reduction, a pre-arched shank, soft platform padding, and a special soft insert for silence during movement. The high-tech cast-in insole and platform are made of non-toxic lightweight material that are adjustable to any foot arch and muscle strength.

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