SPRI Mini Bands by Gaiam


SPRI® Mini Resistance Bands provide a resistance training workout with a smaller, floor-based, lower-body, or upper-body conditioning workout band. Each band has enough extendability for moderate-load standing movement and the bands secure comfortably to ankles, calves, knees or thighs to help strength and tone legs, hips and glutes. These resistance bands are also great for therapeutic exercises to improve range of movement and build back muscle strength. Available in color-coded resistances ranging from very light to super heavy, sold separately. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide. Ideal for floor-based, lower-body, or upper-body exercises Strengthen and tone legs, hips, and glutes Great for therapeutic exercise and strength training Secures comfortably to ankles, calves, knees or thighs Available in 4 color-coded resistances Downloadable exercise guide Measurements: 9″ long and 2″ wide flat band loop Resistance Band Exercise Guide

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