5 Ballet Slippers We Love

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While ballet slippers and leotards are not required for class, few things will have you feeling as prepared and immersed in the (at-home) studio experience than a new pair of ballet slippers. Fresh out of the box, ballet slippers are a satisfying gift to one’s self, full of possibility and ready to be molded by your feet, your floor, and your unique dance. If you are in need of your first pair, or your girls need a refresher, here are some of our favorite selections for flat ballet shoes for different types of dancers.


Synchrony Split Sole Stretch Canvas Ballet Slipper by Bloch

Cutting edge stretch canvas gives a streamlined fit that highlights the contours of the foot while being incredibly comfortable. Innovative fibers within the canvas material stretch and recover always reflecting the natural shape of the foot. Sleek and streamline look on the foot. Soft, wide elastic at the top line as well as pre-sewn crossed elastic to ensure a secure fit. Wider outsole design with no ridges to allow the natural spreading of toes for easy balance and turning. We love these because canvas slippers will usually give you a better feel for the floor under you and the materials is a breathable choice.



Silhouette Leather Ballet Slipper by Sansha

Split-sole Silhouette leather ballet shoe features a leather upper, suede split sole, double strength sole stitching, triangle construction for an enhanced arch, foam protection pad at the heel, and attached elastics. High-quality leather construction makes it easier these slippers more durable and easy to care for.



Pro-1 Canvas Ballet Slipper by Sansha

Sansha’s “Pro” original canvas split-sole ballet shoe. The sole is fully hand-stitched and thread does not appear on the outside of the shoe, so it will not wear out. This also means the sole is flush with the upper, so there is nothing to catch on the floor. Perfect for men and women! Un-sewn crisscross elastics included. We love thsi pick because the expert stitching provides a snug, more molded fit for dancers.



Hanami Dance Shoe by Capezio

Glide freely across the studio floor in Hanami. This slip-on ballet shoe is made of high-quality canvas material that stretches as if you’re wearing nothing at all. The split-sole design eliminates bulk in the arch, provides maximum metatarsal protection, and allows the flattest platform to pivot on. What sets the Hanami apart from other ballet shoes is the patented technology that creates a seamless diamond gusset in the arch of the shoe. This means there is no harshly stitched line down the center that will interfere with how you point and flex. No drawstrings erase any worry of the ballet slipper coming undone. High caliber dancers swear by this slipper.



Pro Elastic Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoe by Bloch

BLOCH has always been at the forefront of innovative dance technology, and the Zenith Stretch is no different! This is the very first ALL Stretch Canvas ballet slipper, crafted from the cutting-edge canvas. Its incredible technology gives a streamlined fit that highlights and moves with the contours of the foot while being immensely comfortable. BLOCH’s cutting-edge stretch canvas has innovative fibers that maintain the shape of the material around the foot. Stretch fibers within the canvas allow for the ultimate shaping of the shoe against the foot. Pre-sewn crossed elastic for an immediately secure, snug fit. A smaller outsole pad for minimal design allows for better contouring to the ball and heel of the foot. Elastic drawstring.





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