5 Changes You’ll Notice (Almost Instantly) When Taking Barre Class

It’s no surprise that barre classes have exploded in popularity in recent years (favored by A-list celebrities) and being fused with a number of other cross-training formats. It’s a targeted, high-precision workout that we also love for our older students because it’s easier than most exercises on our backs and joints. If you’re looking for a workout routine that will make you – and your acquaintances – take note of its effects pretty quickly, barre is a great alternative. Of course, we don’t need compliments to validate our achievements, but still, it feels good when others take notice of our work. Attending barre class regularly is one of the fastest and most energizing ways to achieve a sculpted, more defined physique (while breaking a legitimate sweat). If you add some weights (even tiny ones), you’ll have stronger, leaners, and firmer arms practically overnight. Barre workouts are no joke, and with consistent practice, you will start to notice some changes to your body. Here are just some of the multiple benefits you can expect to see after practicing barre with us:

Increase in Strength

It doesn’t take long to start noticing toned shoulders, triceps, and upper back once you started taking barre classes regularly. There’s the effect of those two- and three-pound weights you’ll often incorporate during your workout, sure, but nearly every exercise uses your own body weight to sculpt and tone (like in all of those dreaded planks). Barre involves using your own body weight as resistance to work against while, at times, using the ballet barre to hold onto for support or to help stretch muscles. Barre class will focus on arms, core, legs, and glutes, so you can expect a fairly well-rounded toning workout.

More Flexibility

Contrary to regular barre studio classes, our Barre and Body Sculpting class has direct and actionable takeaways for Ballet Class. The class routines are derived from classical ballet and fused with fitness and conditioning elements. Much like in ballet class, you may notice your body getting a whole lot more flexible like a ballerina’s after consistently taking classes. Barre includes a lot of stretching and elongating of the body, which not only helps with injury prevention and improved strength but also feels so good after a long day.

Better Posture

Having slouched shoulders doesn’t just look bad, it can also hinder your workouts, too. Strong posture is essential for balance, but it also directly impacts your form, which means you’ll be prone to less injury and be able to perform all kinds of exercises much better. Focusing on your posture in class will also help you even outside the gym, too. We especially emphasize for our students over 60, who have an increased risk of hunching due to osteoporosis. The focus on posture during class will also bring your attention more toward it in daily life.

Prolonged Calorie Burn

Barre offers one of the best parts of a workout: an “after-burn effect.” This means your body is capable of burning calories even hours after you’ve finished working out—yes, it’s a huge perk. While the number of calories burned can vary from exercise to exercise, and how vigorous of a workout you’re doing is also taken into account, resistance exercise (aka barre) can produce this effect. In fact, the Department of Sport and Movement Science said that resistance exercise can increase your metabolism for up to two days. In barre class, you will sculpt, strengthen, and elongate the body in an interval format that elevates the heart rate. It produces a caloric burn that continues even after class is over, so if you’re looking to lose weight, barre may be a great addition to your routine along with proper nutrition.

More Mental Stamina

As with any workout, there’s plenty of mental health benefits to exercising along with the physical ones. Barre and Body Sculpting Sculpting students will feel not only physically stronger but mentally stronger as well since the exercises challenge mental stamina and will. Barre is a great stress reliever that often doesn’t require a shower immediately after, which makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking to combat anxiety and stress before a long workday.

Prepare for Ballet Class

The classes we typically see in gyms and fitness studios are typically unrelated to the practice of ballet, but at our Barre and Body Sculpting class, we place focus on strengthening key muscles and perfecting movement patterns that will help you perform and understand the principles and steps of classical dance. By exploring the correct range of motion, posture, feet placement, and muscle isolation in our barre class, you’ll feel more comfortable and informed at the Ballet barre.