it’s never too late for ballet. is a revolution; a place where women from anywhere in the world can connect, learn, and share their goals, triumphs, challenges, and passions for classical dance. Our students are encouraged by a community of like-minded peers, with balanced perspectives and deep love for learning and progressing. The recreational adult dancers in our community recognize the importance of wellness and movement, appreciate the value of community, and – above all – are entranced by the artistry of ballet. Our community dances together, love shopping all things dance, works out together, and even host watch parties.

inspiration turned into reality.

“Ballet for Women was born from a deep, neglected passion… that was fortunately reignited during this most unusual year. Unable to travel, I could afford some time to work on myself and started on a decisive journey to improve my nutrition, my posture, and mental clarity. 


I typically needed weekly appointments at my chiropractor and 1-2 deep tissue massages EVERY MONTH, to manage the back pain that sometimes wouldn’t let me sit at my desk. After some research on workouts that would help my spinal health, connecting with an awesome wellness professional, and a bit of serendipity, I found myself at my first Pilates class. Concurrently, my lovely sister-in-law mustered up some courage to ask ME to give her ballet lessons online, which pushed me deep into what seemed unknown but was really a return to a great source of joy. I had danced ballet up to the age of 10, but it was all suddenly familiar; it became a real and inescapable goal to get back to ballet just a week shy of 34.  


A stronger, 16-pounds-lighter, healthier-looking woman, I am incredibly proud of what a little focus can help one achieve, and I want to inspire this joy and sense of accomplishment in others. My Pilates teacher (and now best friend), my new sister, my wonderful husband, and my dad were largely responsible for this new venture, and have set something very powerful in motion. When I am dancing, I am happy. If I can create that for more women, BalletFor will have meant something special.”


Coral Talavera,
Founder Ballet for Women

women supporting each other.

Our content, experiences, and classes are deeply rooted in: respect (for the students, the instructors and the art of ballet); wellbeing (promoting mental, physical and emotional wellness among everyone in our ecosystem); and support (paying our teachers fairly, helping students progress in a healthy way, and helping us grow the platform for the benefit of as many women as possible). If you love dance, we love you. Pass it on.

passion for the arts

While the BFW dancer very rarely aspires to a professional career, we still value and strive for technical progress, to honor the artistry and skill required to dance ballet. BFW dancers come to class focused and driven to improve, with self-kindness, awareness, and respect for the art. Teachers come ready to train mature bodies but look – above all – for beautiful attitudes (no pun intended).

healthy expectations

Dancers (especially younger ones) are often burdened with unrealistic expectations and peer pressure to perform at their best, lose obscene amounts of weight, and ultimately lead unhealthy lives, both physically and mentally. BFW dancers are met with encouragement and balanced perspectives to know that we strive for progress, not perfection.

strong community

BFW has an extensive network of dancers digitally connected across our chat rooms, social media, newsletters, blog, and more. The women who are part of this community promote inclusion, diversity, support, and community, to create a positive and encouraging environment that helps us all thrive and feel great about ourselves. 

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