Benefits of Pilates for Dancers with Scoliosis

Scoliosis, an either mild or severe misalignment for the spine, is thought to solely be treated by spinal braces or surgery. Scoliosis causes the spine to curve to the left, the right or both. Up to 2 to 3% of Americans—that’s 6 to 9 million people—have scoliosis, and although it can affect people of all ages, children and adolescents are far more likely than adults to be diagnosed with scoliosis. Symptoms of scoliosis, when they do appear, can range from a purely cosmetic deformity to mild discomfort to life-threatening breathing disruptions. And while these are oftentimes necessary, like many holistic approaches to medicine, Pilates may be a supplemental treatment for scoliosis. While Pilates won’t directly realign your spine back to a normal curvature, it can serve to relieve the chronic pain associated with a spinal malformation such as scoliosis. This low-impact style of exercise can also boast additional benefits for the condition. 


Scoliosis: Treatment, symptoms, and causes



Benefits of Pilates for your Back

  • Postural Alignment Bad posture is quite common in individuals that don’t have scoliosis, but it’s a daily struggle for those who do have it. Through breathing and relaxation techniques, and the stretching involved in pilates, you can assist in straightening out your spine. 


  • Muscle Building Every single case of scoliosis is unique, but at times the spinal misalignment can mean that one side of your body’s muscles are more developed due to constant engagement, leaving the other undeveloped. Pilates can help in addressing these specific muscles and evening them out relative to the more developed side to give you more control of your body, and also provide pain relief. 

  • Precision Even when you’re not working out, pilates creates a kinesthetic self-awareness that can make you feel more in tune with your body, allowing you to make relaxed, precise movements that will help your recovery in the long run.


As with any new exercise regimen, it’s of the utmost importance to consult a medical professional about your desire to embark on your new pilates journey. You can even search online to find specialty classes in your area that are dedicated to modifying pilates to individuals with scoliosis. You’re only one low-impact workout away from significant healing. 



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