BLOCH Axi Stretch Pointe Shoes Pink Satin


Axi Stretch boasts groundbreaking innovation! Features the latest stretch materials which combine to allow ultimate articulation of the foot and unparalleled connection between foot and shoe. One seamless flawless line is now a reality. Split outersole provides increased contact between arch of the shoe to arch of the foot Jersey fabric on either side of the inner heel makes sewing easier Medium hard strength shank is strong and supportive through the centre and flexible at the 3/4 mark and beyond Flexible insole with strong centre piece supports from under the foot to the highest point of the dancer’s 3/4 arch Wings of the shoe wrap around the ball of the foot and feather out to dancer’s 3/4 arch for ultimate support Deep medium length U-shaped vamp medium sides and tapered box keep the foot centred and supported Improved stretch fit for less bagging of material and added suede for increased comfort Oblong platform and high wings offer superior balance and stability for ease of balance Strengthened satin tip for longer lasting platform A paste offers better resilience and natural breakdown Designed to break at the highest point of the dancer’s arch the Axi Stretch will hit all major internal contact points of the foot for the ultimate 90 degree angle Elastic drawstring Noise reduction under the pleats Notes Ribbons and elastic sold separately

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