Steal these 6 Moves for a Strong Core

If there is one thing that dancers are blessed with, it is serious core body strength. And this is not by accident. Dance cardio engages your abs in a way no other exercise does. Every class ends with new choreography pieces to add to your mastered moves, and you also end the class having worked on your abs like no one’s business. This applies to most dance classes. It doesn’t matter whether you go for the waltz, the samba, or the limbo. So you can take your pick. 

The best thing about dancing is that in every move, your core is engaged. Even in a standing pose, you are still engaging your core. This is better than planks and crunches because it engages your whole core, including some of the muscles that are too easily neglected during a ‘core workout.’ By now you are probably eager to get in on the action. So here are some moves you can steal from professional dancers to give you the abs you have always wanted:

The Forward Press

Feet set wide, stretch out your arms in a T-shape and draw your belly button into your spine. As you move to the beat, bring your palms in front of you and touch them together as you lean back and engage your core muscles. Restore your arms back to the T shape and start again. 

The Reach Back

Still with your feet set wide and arms stretched out, recruit the abs muscles to bring your shoulder blades closer until your palms come into contact at your lower back. Go back to your T shape and repeat the move as you enjoy the rhythm. 

Hip-arm, Side to Side

Begin with the same starting position and stand on your tiptoes. Move on your toes to the beat, swaying your hips right to left. Engage your ab muscles in moving the hips from side to side. As you move your hips to the right, sway your right arm down by your hip and sway your left fingertips to your upper left side. Repeat the movement on the other side and continue alternating one side after the other. 

The Elbow Pull-Down

Begin by lengthening your fingertips in a straight line to your left and bending your right arm in order to pump a fist skywards. Pivot and drive your hips right first, pumping the same side fist upwards and downwards. Switch sides and pay attention to your left side as well. Making a lasso shape with your right arm will work in your oblique muscles. 

The Pelvis Tuck

With both your hands on your belly and your spine curled Elvis-style, tuck your pelvis underneath your torso and release it, recruiting your glute and core muscles. Keep it up as you follow the beat. 

The Hip Box

With your hands on your hips, move them back, left, front, and right. For best results, leverage your core muscles to move your hips. Do this in double time if you feel comfortable enough to do it. You are not exercising. You are dancing and having a good time.