Work Those Abs with 8 Easy Exercises Inspired by our Barre Class

After a BFW virtual Barre class, your quads and glutes are usually feeling that burn. But did you know Barre can do even more? Although you may not discern it right away, lots of barre exercises are also great for your abs. Barre workouts in general usually engage your core more than you might realize since barre movements require that you keep your core contracted at all times. So that means that while you are working your arms, legs, and booty, your abdominal muscles are working as well. Why is this so important? 

Your body relies on a strong core to keep you stable and balanced, give you proper posture, and overall, help you perform daily activities and other workouts without hurting yourself. Strengthening all of the different muscles in this large muscle group helps them all work together optimally. Barre does have some great moves that can give a little extra push to your abs.  

BFW wants to share 8 ab exercises inspired in Barre that can help you optimize your workouts and get that trimer, tighter, and more importantly, a stronger core that will complement your dance journey. It’s suggested to start with just 30 seconds of each exercise and build up to more when you feel comfortable. You can do them three to four times a week, but if you want to do more, you can. 


Plank Pike Up

  • Start in a high plank (propped up on your arms and toes, hands under your shoulders) with your feet on a towel or gliders.
  • Keeping your legs as straight as possible, bring your toes toward your hands, using your abs to slide the towel in.
  • Keep your core tight and avoid arching your back.
  • Slide your legs back out to start.

X Abs

  • Lie on your back with arms and legs splayed out in an X position.
  • Roll your body up as you reach your left hand to your right ankle. Lift your right leg to meet your hand.
  • Rollback down to start.
  • Repeat on the opposite side. Continue alternating sides.

Side V Abs

  • Lie on your right side with your torso propped up on your forearm. Stack your feet one on top of the other. Keeping your legs straight, bring your feet slightly in front of your hips. This is the start position.
  • Rock back onto your right hip and lift your legs off the floor a couple of inches. At the same time, crunch your upper body, bringing your left shoulder toward your knees.
  • Perform all of the reps on your right side, then repeat on your left side.

Russian Twists

  • Sit with your knees bent out in front of you, feet flexed, and heels on the floor.
  • Hold your arms in front of you, and rock your torso back until you feel your abs fire and are resting on your sit bones.
  • Keeping your abs engaged, twist your torso from right to left.


  • Lie on your back, arms straight and in line with your ears, legs straight and together on the floor.
  • Simultaneously lift your arms, torso, and legs to meet in a pike position.
  • Keep your abs tight to avoid arching your lower back. Keep your legs as straight as you can.
  • Lower back down slowly.

Dancer Side Bends

  • Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart, toes moderately turned out, arms extended above your head.
  • Reach out and side bend to the right.
  • Go as far as you can while bracing your abs. Hold for three seconds.
  • Return to start and repeat on the left side.

Static Curl

  • Sit with your knees bent out in front of you, feet firmly planted on the floor.
  • Hold onto your outer thighs and roll back so your abs are engaged, keeping your shoulder blades off the floor.
  • Keeping your abs tight, let go of your legs and hold this position.
  • Hold for as long as possible, and grab back onto your legs for support when needed.


  • Lie on your stomach, legs extended straight, arms extended above your head with palms on the floor.
  • Keep your abs and butt tight as you lift your upper body (try to arch your back) and lower body off of the ground at the same time.
  • Hold for three counts, and then lower back down to start.


Over to you: What’s your favorite move? Which one is the most challenging? Did we miss any great move to work out your core? Send us your ideas to