Benefits of Ballet for Women over 60

When you think of ballet, your first thought might be of a little girl in a pink tutu pirouetting for her parents in her elementary school’s production of Swan Lake, or a young woman in New York or Paris in a much grander production of Swan Lake. Seldom is it ever associated with life after menopause or anything feasible for a woman over 60. Still, ballet technique can actually prove beneficial for older women who’ve never even touched a barre.  There are actually quite a few things that ballet will do to make you feel stronger:


  • Bone Density Ballet exercises involve low-intensity resistance training that helps build bone density at a time when women begin to lose estrogen, the hormone responsible for building bone density. 

  • Joints When performing certain moves that require the flexibility of joints, you’re actually doing them a world of good. Mobilizing your joints in this way ensures that you’ll experience less pain while you’re not dancing. 

  • Core Strength An obvious benefit to ballet is the incredible muscle tone and core strength that come from performing these sorts of exercises. While clearly visible in the bodies of younger dancers, these physical and visual benefits can be yours too!


The most important thing to remember, however, is that you don’t have to be afraid of having to leap across stages. At Ballet for Women, we love dancers over 60 (in fact, all classes for dancers over 65 are 50% off) and the accessibility and intimacy of the in-home studio add to the convenience and approachability to hone your skills and adopt this gorgeous discipline. Aside from ballet, we have other classes that can truly benefit women over 60, such as Pilates – which will help you strengthen your core and back. 

Step up to the barre and give yourself a chance to fall in love with dance. With ballet, you’ll experience a new appreciation for self-expression and music with every class, and that can be the ultimate combination. Remember that it’s never too late for ballet!