Intermediate Ballet


This is a wonderful intermediate-level class for serious students interested in strengthening their technique and artistry (recommended for dancers with 3 – 4 years of ballet experience). We will review the five basic positions at the barre, and work on combinations that further develop your memory, coordination, balance, and precision. We will also explore beautiful combinations in the center, and work on your flexibility. Each student will benefit from the general recommendations and corrections for the group, as well as receive personalized attention to keep improving. Together we will address not only technical issues but also any physical obstacles or bad habits that might be hindering your progress as a dancer.


A steady-paced intermediate/advanced ballet class that is thorough, challenging, and fun. Your teacher will emphasize placement, technique, and musicality. This virtual class is very dynamic, so dancers should be prepared to be in the video and to demonstrate when asked.


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Times listed in Central Time, USA. Please adjust to your local time.

What to Expect

  • Warm-up, workout, and cool down will be included (no need to do them on your own)
  • The pace of the class is moderate and your teacher will talk you through all the exercises, talk you through the combinations, and create a positive vibe to encourage all the students.
  • There is no loud music or audio/visual distractions. The barre and/or center work are set to classical piano music (pre-recorded).
  • The content will be presented in a clear and fun way that will make you absolutely fall in love with Ballet from day 1.
  • Remember that none of the Ballet for Women classes are based on competition or hype. Rather, we encourage an environment where women can feel supported and confident, so please be aware and help us create this healthy ecosystem for learning.
  • You should never be made to feel insecure or inadequate before, during, or after class. If this happens, please report it to the teacher immediately or LET US KNOW.

Space + Equipment Requirements

  • Barre – A portable barre for your home studio is ideal, but any sturdy table or chair will do the job. Beginner and Intermediate classes place much of the focus of the class on perfecting your technique with the support of the barre, so make sure to use a sturdy fixture (weighted) to prevent moving, and thus avoid injuries.


  • Space Requirements – To be able to comfortably perform all combinations at the barre and the center work, we recommend dancers to use a space that is at least 4’x 4′ (at least 120′ cm x 120′). If this is not an option for you, any space where you can stand next to your barre (table, chair, portable barre, etc.) and able to fully extend your leg will suffice.


  • Flooring requirements – Please situate your dance space on a solid (non-carpet) surface but avoid slippery surfaces. Make sure that your grip on the floor is comfortable to correctly position your feet and move through the combinations without risk of slipping. Also make sure that your shoes are not creating too much friction against, for example, a high-pile carpet. 


  • Water bottle – Make sure to stay hydrated and have your bottle at arm’s reach so you don’t miss any part of your class!

What to Wear

  • Slippers – Ballet slippers are the best choice for footwear, and for good reason. Leather or canvas flat shoes are soft enough to dance in while helping you shape your feet. Thin socks are a good alternative. 


  • Comfortable clothes – Please bring clothes that fit comfortably (but not too loosely). Leotards and tights are great choices but are not required. For more tips on class attire, visit our FAQs section.


There is no strict dress code for this or any BFW class. However, we please ask students to wear clothing that is:


  • Comfortable and that allows you to move freely.
  • Makes you feel comfortable in your skin, never self-conscious (this is an environment to grow; never to retract).
  • Modest and not overly revealing to create a comfortable environment for everyone.


Aside from classical ballet dancewear, students typically wear activewear bottoms (e.g. yoga leggings or sweatpants) and a comfortable tank or t-shirt. If you are not sure what to wear, find support HERE

Class Schedule

  • Registration will be open up to 60 minutes before the class starts.
  • The session lasts 90 minutes and consists of:
    • 15-minute portion for testing, meet and greet, and more. This is the assigned time to get situated, test your audio and video, and gather materials. Class starts at the appointed hour, at which time the instructor will not be able to assist with technical difficulties.
    • 60-minute immersive session with a warm-up and cool-down included, so it is not necessary to do those on your own.
    • Optional 15-minute post-class session to share your feedback with your teacher and meet with other students. This is a very special time where we can exchange ideas and plan for the next class. Let’s make it fun and very positive.

Capacity and Policies

  • This is a group class limited to 15 students.
  • We require students to turn on their cameras to allow the teacher to make corrections and to encourage other students, as well as for the safety of our staff.
  • Unless otherwise noted, microphones must remain MUTED during class. There will be prompts for questions by the teacher at the appropriate times.
  • Please note that all BFW Classes via Zoom are recorded to ensure the quality of the lesson and the safety of all participants. However, these recordings will NEVER be made public or used for any type of dissemination without the express written consent of BFW and all participants of the class. Please find more information HERE.
  • To make the most of your class, please take care of your children, pets, deliveries, and other distractions before class.
  • Sorry, ‘no-shows’ are not refundable. For more information, please review our Refund Policy and Membership Policies.
  • If you have technical difficulties during your class, please review our Troubleshooting Guide.

Important Disclaimers

Any person who participates in dance classes provided by Ballet for Women does so at her own risk. She shall assume all risks involved, including but not limited to all cost, claim, injury, damage, or liability sustained while participating. Ballet for Women will not be held liable for any misfortune that may occur. By signing up for the class, you are agreeing to the above and are certifying that you are in good health and have consulted a doctor before beginning this dance program. Also, the information provided through this website does not constitute or replace the medical advice of a healthcare professional. If you have any questions, view our Medical Disclaimer or let us know.